The World is Yours, Why Worry?
May 29, 2024 @ 16:16

Because you only have one life to live

Why worry about all the worries in the world?

Life is about enjoying yourself. Not about sitting and stressing about everything that you don’t have control over. Instead of going out and have fun you sit home and worry.

You would prefer to pay a bill that will come due again next month instead of taking a vacation that will give you a memory to make you smile and talk about for a life time. Before you worry think about what makes you happy whether it be shopping or laying on the beach listening to the waves playing with the sand at 12am in the morning.

Set a positive motto and live by it. Why worry if you weren’t born rich. You sit home and watch all the rich people having fun on the internet and depress. Look pass the money and tell me what you see? You don’t think you can have the same fun too?

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